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Rockland brings the ancient, megalithic beauty of the Saguaro to your home. Serving the Coachella Valley and the Greater Sonoran Desert. Kick your landscaping up to exceptional. Browse the Gallery, and see the journey of several of our placements. Check out our Inventory, each rare beauty has it's own distinct look and charm.


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[suh-gwahr-oh, -wahr-oh] 

noun, plural saguaros.

1.  a tall, horizontally branched cactus, Carnegiea (or Cereus) gigantea, of Arizona and neighboring regions, 
yielding a useful wood and bearing anedible fruit: still locally common, though some populations have been reduced.
2.  Best freeze and drought resistant Cactus for your desert landscape.
3.  Always looks amazing
4.  Extraordinary
  1. One of the most drought resistant plants you can have.
    No irrigation required.  About the only watering that may be required, is about 5 minutes a month, in the winter only if it is a drought year.
  2. No maintenance required.
    Unlike the costly constant maintaining of mature Palm Trees, your saguaro will never require any grooming of any kind, yet will always look well maintained and groomed.
  3. Doesn't cost much more than a mature palm.
    If you calculate the cost of installing a mature palm, which is about $100 per foot, for the tree itself, plus the cost of drilling and installing, a one-of-a-kind Saguaro is not much more.
  4. Roots will not buckle concrete, pavers, etc.
    Palm tree roots can have aggressive roots that break up your patio areas and driveway.
  5. Won't make a mess of your yard.
    Palm tree that can shed fronds throughout your yard, and possibly on top of your roof, your Saguaro will look beautiful with very little mess.
  6. Rare megalithic beauty
    Unlike Palms that can be found on properties in the Coachella Valley, Saguaros are a finite resource, as it take them at least 75 years to mature enough to start growing their first arm, it is impossible to have a Saguaro farm.  Set your yard apart with beautiful living art.
  7. Will not out grow their environment
    Because the Saguaro grows so slowly, you can plant it is a location with confidence it will stay about the same size for years to come.
  8. Gorgeous year round
    Your Saguaro will retain it's beauty year round, plumping up in the winter, and slimming down in the summer.
  9. Uniquely different
    Saguaros are each uniquely different, not unlike snowflakes, the arm configuration, bends and twists make your Saguaro unique and one of a kind.  All palms pretty much look the same.
  10. 360 degree beauty
    Different beauty from every angle.  You're Saguaro will l give you a distinctly different view from the different locations in your yard.

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Jane Mansfield arrives in Palm Springs with a big splash! Fully adorned with blossoms flowing from
all peaks.ic 1 The extra special surprise, however was the new offspring sprouting from her
side Pic 2.  Her majestic.ancient beauty will forever be the talk of the neighborhood.

1.  Saguaro Covered in flowers   2. Saguaro New arm nub growing   Saguaro